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Exerpts from letters by professionals:

Dr. Lawrence Gaum, D.D.S. F.A.D.S.A. F.I.C.D.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon from Toronto, Canada writes:

  • I have been using Dressol for many years. I will not use a product that I cannot trust 100% and Dressol exceeds my expectations.
  • When treating a dry socket one of its advantages is that it remains in the socket and does not dissolve or fall out until removed. This assures that the area is adequately covered for 4-5 days with medication and the patient is virtually pain free.
  • Thank you for a truly wonderful product

Dr. David B. Ettinger, D.M.D. M.D.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon from the Deleware Center for Oral Surgery writes:

  • Since using your product for almost two years, it has made the treatment of alveolar osteritis wonderful. The topical effects last 5-7 days that now requires 1-2 dressing changes over a 10-14 day period.
  • It has made treating Dry Sockets faster, easier and with significantly less down time for me and the patient
  • Even placing Dressol during surgery on older, higher risk patients and changing after 5 days eliminates post-op pain in this high-risk group